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Vetro Idea Distante

vetro porta lavorato

Our history

Glass maker in Francavilla Fontana born from the idea of Giuseppe Distante with the desire to satisfy the demands of customers who want high-quality glass work. Vetro Idea deals with the realization of furnishing components and glass details, creation of artistic glass wall work entirely handmade. The glass that has become increasingly an element of furniture is able to realize works of great aesthetic impact, supported by technological tools and our experience. The staff members are specialized in the realization and installation of glass doors, glass and steel balustrades, glass stairs, glass covers and projecting roof, custom shower box, all finds of decorations to personalize an environment such as an apartment or a studio; The Glass maker many ideas for shelves, desks and bookcase. All work is performed in the utmost respect for safety using only glasses and accessories appropriate to the type of work to be done. Respecting our origins we adapted ourselves to the continuous technological evolution to best serve customers; Handicraft traditions, however, form the basis of this activity, along with the modern machinery that technological evolution has produced (and which the company has), this creates an original synergy between craftsmanship and technology.